OK, look, I know I'm posting this a couple weeks after New Years Day...but give me a break, I've been extremely ill since The Holidays. (And by ill, I mean either drunk, hungover, or lazy...) Anyway, better late than never!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL! First off, I wanna say thank you for a GREAT 2016! Last year, I was fortunate to book another couple national commercials, get a few TV appearances, play a BUNCH of shows, and my proudest achievement last year....THE RELEASE OF MY THIRD ONE HOUR COMEDY SPECIAL entitled BULLSHIT! For all of you who have purchased it, I THANK YOU!!! For those of you who haven't, well, I wish nothing but horrible things on you and your family....because I've got bar tabs to pay for Christ's sake! So shoot the lock off your wallet and buy it today! Also, stay tuned for bigger and better things coming up in 2017 so keep checking in...and as always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HOPE TO SEE YOU AT A SHOW SOON!!!